It's easy to get overloaded with tonnes of conflicting advice when it comes to raising a happy, well-behaved puppy.

It's no wonder when books, TV, the internet, friends and relatives all tell you different things.

If you are confused, then your puppy will probably be confused too!

On top of that, so many dog training methods rely on having to 'fix' issues rather than concentrating on simply getting things right straight away.

Puppy owners are often being set up to fail.

With our effective, PRO-active puppy training methods, we help you to succeed with training your puppy.

So you can be calm and confident no matter what the situation brings.

Enjoy nice relaxing walks and your puppy's company.

Check out the resources below and find out how you can become a PRO-active puppy owner and get a happy, well-trained puppy.

We have a range of mini courses available to help you , or why not join the Puppy Training Club membership. 

You don't have to be an expert on puppies. 

That's what Puppy Training Club is here for.

What you need are proven puppy training methods that enable you to get the dog you always dreamed of.

Whether you're training a Cockapoo or training a Labrador puppy, we are here to help make your life easier by showing you where to focus your training for the best results.

Puppy parents learn our unique PRO-active puppy training methods, to help them feel less stressed and more in control.

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Learn our PRO-active puppy training secrets to help you raise your puppy more easily!

From crate training a puppy at night, to toilet training the easy way, you don't have to do it alone.

Puppy Training Club's online courses and membership can help you get to where you want to be faster.

The dog-owning life you dreamt of is closer than you think with PRO-active puppy training!

Border collie puppy training

 "The enthusiasm is infectious. Made us feel at ease and not to worry about being perfect. The knowledge on how to get the best out of them is brilliant.

Border Collie owner

Staffie puppy training

 "They listened, they understood, they asked great questions and then gave me perfect advice - advice which works!"

Puppy owner

Dachsund puppy training

 "The advice was well-rounded and easy to follow and we can confidently say the guidance they have given us has helped incredibly in a variety of different training areas." 

Dachshund owner

Become a PRO-active puppy owner today.

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